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Printhead Issues

6 June 2019

Are you getting areas on label where you dont get any print from your thermal printer?

There are a few reasons why here are some common ones.


1. Dirty Printhead. The printheads do get dirty and when there is buildup it will cause areas not to print. Firstly find the printhead on your label printer(maybe use the web for your model). Have a good look at it because sometimes you can see the buildup. Run your fingernail along the printhead to see if you can feel anything as well. Then give the printhead a good hard rub with a soft cloth along with some metho or alcohol until the buidup is all gone.


Never use anything sharp  or metallic on the printhead as you will damage it.


2. Dirty Platen roller. This sits opposite the printhead and must also be clean. Use the same procedure as above and never use a knife or anything metallic.

3. Faulty Printhead. Printheads will fail and often it starts with a single pin failing which leaves a thin line unprinted. If the above procedures don't fix it then the printhead probably needs replacing. also check the platen roller for damage as well. if you need replacement printheads or rollers contact us and we can arrange them for you.




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